Your People + Your Process + Our Tools = Optimized Operation

Are you looking to:
consolidate your Technology Execution and Support into a single configurable system
manage your resource capacity, utilization, availability and assignment at all times
manage with metrics instead of verbose status reports
eliminate emails, spreadsheets, other portals and ad hoc processes
find documents and templates easily
get more done with your resources by providing the right tools
GO DIGITAL! using our holistic approach to implement your operating model to deliver outcomes that increases efficiencies and support enterprise growth to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

SIMBYM is an operating system for your technology teams to implement your operating model. The product provides capabilities to configure and provide services and execute projects across all departments, with the ability to route work to anyone within the organization along with collaborative capabilities for tasks, discussions, issues, risks, document sharing etc with enterprise controls in place.
SIMBYM simplifies the operating model of your Technology Governance, Planning, Execution and Support into an efficient services based model. Your teams continue to work as usual except with an enhanced integrated tool that automatically derives predictive and prescriptive metrics to help decision making and improve execution.
Use our flexible delivery model that can accommodate your people and processes.

Support your all your Technology functions with a single integrated enterprise class application that provides a customized task list for each individual with built-in collaboration with the rest of the teams

Customize your processes for each customer / division, project types etc. in a no programming required list based queuing and routing system

SIMBYM has simplified process flow to accommodate all functions that you need to implement your project processes using our patent pending template driven process.

Our solution addresses the needs of everyone in your organization at all levels of your o rganization to collaborate and interact to deliver results in an all digital platform.

Simple easy to use UI requiring minimal training
Bi-modal capabilities enabling you to execute traditional methodologies and agile methodologies on the same platform. Seamless integration of Project Execution and Support features (PPM and ITSM)  Organization modeling to model the organization the way the business is set up as opposed to adjusting to tool limitations of competing products (Divisions, Portfolios, Programs, Projects, Teams, Cost centers can be modeled the way your organization is set up)
Collaborate with business partners on the same platform. Business analysts, trainers, marketing analysts, UAT testers etc can collaborate on the same platform with technology teams
Predictive metrics provided by analyzing how the project is executed to show progress
Collaboration with discussion boards and documents and templates at the task, issue, risk, defects and support task level
Process enforced automatically. Document templates and new processes can be propagated without need for ongoing training
Value priced for a complete technology management suite
IT staff within small and mid-sized organizations often have to multi-task, working on a mix of projects, trouble tickets, and operational activities. At the same time, these efforts are often managed in multiple systems from dedicated help desk tools to custom spreadsheets to e-mail interactions, making it challenging for IT leaders to track, manage, and optimize their resources across all activities. IT personnel often have to build their own awareness of these various processes to make sure they are communicating effectively.

As a result, many organizations experience cost overruns, execution delays, and dissatisfaction with the IT department due to the challenge of coordinating processes across all of these separate approaches.

Simbym helps IT departments get to a better place. It is a simple and integrated IT management solution that provides a complete view of all IT activities and operations to improve the way you plan, execute, and manage all your IT processes. It’s metrics driven approach has been shown to increase IT efficiency by as much as 30%, reducing cost issues and improving the overall satisfaction with IT.

By providing one system for all of IT, it makes it much easier for everyone in the organization to manage the constant flow of communications and formal updates about their efforts across all IT projects, reducing the amount of extra work that has to be done to coordinate activities.



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