Collaboration & work management tools
SIMBYM provides a complete set of collaboration tools for your business
  • No more multiple email threads on the same subject
  • No more multiple versions of the document floating around
  • All your documents and discussions in the same easy to access place
  • Automated work routing features for projects and support
  • Staff will see a customized task list of all their tasks in a single screen
  • Easy to configure list based process set up
  • No complicated workflow development
  • You don't need programmers to configure your process
  • Business Analysts can set up your processes
  • Workflow and routing is automatically set up based on configured data
HR Support
SIMBYM provides the capabilities to support HR processes and routes the work to the appropriate team and resources
  • HR General Support
  • HR Benefits Support
  • HR Payroll Support
  • Additional Support items coming soon
IT Service Management
A complete Service Management suite is included in every version of SIMBYM
  • Service Requests
  • Help desk
  • Incident Management
  • Approvals Management
  • Asset Management
  • Software License Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Management
  • DocumentManagement
  • Team Management
  • Issue Management
  • Risk Management
SIMBYM provides a complete set of collaboration tools for PPM
  • Manage your ideas
  • Track the impacted areas
  • Manage your estimates as Statement Of Work and Change Requests
  • Submit for governance approvals
  • Manage your schedule and time line
  • Manage your resources
  • Manage your costs
  • Manage and share SDLC documents
  • Discuss task details
  • Manage project costs
  • Manage project defects
  • Manage Approvals
  • Create drag and drop reports
  • Analyse project performance using our predictive metrics
  • Manage Project Templates
  • Define and Manage Document Templates
  • Define subtasks/ process steps for tasks
  • Define and Manage Data Sets
  • Attach Data Set Templates to subtasks automatically


Simple and easy to use

Template driven process enables easy implementation
Quick and Easy process changes
Eliminates duplicate maintenance of resource, team and hierarchy information
Eliminates redundant infrastructure

Faster Planning

Efficient planning with minimal effort
Reduced time to plan projects
Distributed process ownership enabling an efficient distributed work force
Automated assignment of ownership

Consistent Execution

Consistent planning and execution of processes
Consistent deliverables
Quick and consistent process changes

Optimal Delivery

Optimal delivery through distributed process ownership
Defined ownership and accountability of deliverables
Efficient and effective resource management
Eliminates the needs to log into different systems

Data Visualization and Metrics

Embedded microBI enabled data visualizations for operational, tactical and strategic data
Distributed data visualizations

Auditable Processes

Auditable process with traceability from process set up through execution, tracking and completion.



Easy to use integrated system
Efficient operations
microBIâ„¢ visualizations
Simple and easy process definition
Auditable processes

Resource Manager/Service Owner

Simple and easy process definition
Flexible planning and tracking
Easier collaboration
Better team management
microBI for service and team
Simplified resource management

Project Manager

Faster planning
Delegated management of project
Collaborative processes
Template based processes
Integrated management of project artifacts
microBI for Project, Issue, Risk, Defect Management

Team Member

Single applications for all projects
Easier collaboration
Simple User Interface
Easier maintenance of project artifacts