Project Portfolio Management

Gives complete visibility to the entire organization as it is completely integrated

  • Seamless Integration of Project Execution and Support features
  • Enterprise Integrated - Divisions, Portfolios, Projects, Teams, Cost centres, Estimates can be modelled the way your organization is set up
  • Allocate tasks by resources or teams, track their status in real time
  • Manage cost estimates at any point in the project lifecycle
  • Completely configurable project types, stages and steps
  • Collaborate with business partners on the same platform. Business analysts, trainers, marketing analysts, UAT testers etc can collaborate on the same platform with technology teams
  • Customized task lists for resources
  • Assign specific resources to troubleshoot Issues, Risks
  • Project Templates
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Metrics - Real-time, automatic, weekly

Build project scope, create, plan, resources, estimate, track delivery of project through completion. Analytics to manage & optimize time, resources and budget. With our microBI®, guide all projects automatically in real time to completion.

  • Estimation
  • Analytics microBI ®
  • Always on track with Predictive & Prescriptive Metrics
  • End goals achieved with right data
  • Custom & Canned reports to gain the right insights
  • Drive decisions with dashboards

Manage changes with surgical precision

Streamline planning, approval, and implementation with automated work flows. Ensure that there are no more unauthorized or failed changes.