What do I need, to sign up for a free account?

You are signed on once you fill in all the requested fields. You are ready to USE. You don’t even need a Credit Card! For a FREE TRIAL account.

Do I pay anything to start with SIMBYM CIRRUS FREE TRAIL account?

No. Starting is free, plus you get all the three Modules Work Mgmt., Asset Mgmt., & Knowledge Mgmt.! You can use for a 14 days Free Trial Period.

Are all the Modules, Integrated on a Single Platform?

Yes, Absolutely, like all our Modules, these three Modules (Work Mgmt., Asset Mgmt. & Knowledge Mgmt.) all are completely Integrated SaaS, on a single Platform

What happens once I use my 14 Days FREE TRIAL period? /I’m at the end of 14 Days FREE TRIAL period?

We’ll notify you on the 10th, 12th & 14th Day as a reminder through your email or during Login’s so you can decide if you want to (Sign On) upgrade to pay-as-you-go pricing. You can choose to pay Quarterly, Half yearly and Annually. If you don’t Sign-On, your account and products will be disabled, on the 14th day of your FREE TRIAL period. And you'll need to upgrade from the FREE TRIAL (Sign-On) to resume usage.

What happens at the end of the FREE TRIAL period, 14 Days Expired? What do I do? How Do I Sign-On & Payments?

At the end of the FREE TRIAL Period, your account will be disabled, on the 14th Day. And to reuse your account you will need to upgrade from your FREE TRIAL account and Sign-On to your Pay-as-you-go Pricing account. The account you were using will continue to run, and you’ll be billed at the Special One Time Rate of @US$4.99, Pay-as-you-go. Billed Quarterly, Half yearly or Billed Annually.

What do I do, to sign up and upgrade my account to a Paid Account? Can you please Explain regarding the Special Rate & details?

Continue using seamlessly by paying either of the options you choose (Quarterly or Half yearly or Annual Billing) with your Credit Card. For a Limited Period, the Price is US$4.99/User/Per Month. If you Sign-On now in this One Time offer Period, you can lock in this special One Time offer Price of US $4.99/User/Per Month for a period of TWO YEARS! Yes, 2 years your rate will be US$ 4.99/Per User/Per Month. If you discontinue using and Re-signon within the special period your price is US$9.99/User /Month. Sorry you do not qualify for the Special Price.

Is there a minimum number of users to use after the 14 Days FREE TRIAL period?

Yes, Minimum of five users to use our Cirrus Module* Enterprise Platform highly Scalable.

What if I still have questions?

Please email us at Support@SIMBYM.com OR Info@SIMBYM.com and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Business Process Management

How do you overcome the challenges in BPM implementation?

We do it with SIMBYM’s completely configurable no-coding platform. The BPM module provides customizable Datasets at different levels of granularity. Thus, the end-user can obtain a perfectly tailored UI built on our no-coding platform in #HoursNotMonths!

How does your data security work with multiple processes?

We have a multi-tenant system which guarantees the privacy of your data with multiple clients. With your security in mind, we intentionally disabled the single sign-on feature.

Can our team configure and customize the rules?

Yes. With our in-built rules engine for your custom datasets, configure rules for any data-field.

How does your BPM module help in organizing our processes?

The BPM module structures data into three tiers. It also includes the Advance Search tool that helps in finding data quickly and efficiently within your custom-built datasets.

Enterprise Work Management

How does your Ticket workflow function?

Our Ticketing system has automated task routing process. This allows teams to capture, manage, and track the status of customer issues in an organized and highly-collaborative manner. The module also provides ticket history to track the completed tickets.

Do you have Priority based tickets?

Yes. Our Enterprise Work Management module provides the user to choose a priority along with impact and urgency.

What are the types of ticketing mode you have?

The Enterprise Work Management module enables the user to completely configure the ticket types along with a few out-of-the-box options.

Project Portfolio Management

Does the product have a past track record and a future plan that indicates that the product is a future-proofed investment?

Our platform has a past track record based on the report Analysis. Criteria for this would include product maturity, product commitment and product composition for the future-proofed investments.

What are the business problems that you are hoping to solve with a PPM solution?

Our integrated platform combines all aspects of project management into a single entity. Manage project tasks, sub-tasks, issues, risks, cost estimates and approvals in a single module.

Does your application have challenges in getting the right resources assigned to the most critical and most impactful projects?

Not at all. Our advanced task routing system ensures that you have complete control on which resource or team to choose for the current task.

Are your projects being delivered on schedule, within budget and as expected?

With our status reporting feature, you have complete visibility on whether the project is on track or if a team is falling behind.

Asset Management

What are the assets that can be tracked?

Our asset management module provides a comprehensive asset tracking solution. It provides the flexibility to add Asset Category, Sub Category, Purchase Type and Asset Usage Status to name a few. This enables your organization to manage any type of asset and track them accurately.

Is License tracking available?

Yes, the asset management module has a license tracking module.

What is auto discovery tool in your application?

Auto discovery is a module that is used to maintain a Configuration Management Database of all the components in the system. Once installed, the Auto discovery tool automatically extracts all possible hardware and software information from the system. It provides a convenient UI to quickly access the information collected.

What are the benefits of auto discovery tool?

  • The tool is compatible with three of the major operating systems - Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Company-wide accessibility - A centralized asset database is easy to search, trustworthy, and accessible to everyone across the enterprise
  • Saves time - Spend your time making the changes instead of documenting them.

Knowledge Management

What are the types of documents supported by your Knowledge Management module?

Our knowledge management module supports all popular document formats. We also provide the ability to add links to any knowledge item.

How do you organize items within your Knowledge Management system?

Each Knowledge Bank entry is classified based on type, status, rating and service it relates to. A separate search tool is integrated to make searching and filtering easy.

Is the Knowledge Management module also integrated?

Yes, as with all our modules, the Knowledge Management module is completely integrated. Each knowledge entry is associated with a service which is in turn linked to a team.