SIMBYM - Simplified Integrated Management BY Metrics

Use our holistic approach to implement your operating model to deliver outcomes that increase efficiency and support enterprise growth to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

Our Integrated Modules

SIMBYM is an operating system for your technology teams to implement your operating model. The product provides capabilities to configure and provide services and execute projects across all departments, with the ability to route work to anyone within the organization along with collaborative capabilities for tasks, discussions, issues, risks, document sharing, etc with enterprise controls in place.
SIMBYM simplifies the operating model of your Technology Governance, Planning, Execution and Support into an efficient services-based model. Your teams continue to work as usual except with an enhanced integrated tool that automatically derives predictive and prescriptive metrics to help decision making and improve execution.

Use our flexible delivery model that can accommodate your people and processes.

Support all your Technology functions with a single integrated enterprise-class application that provides a customized task list for each individual with built-in collaboration with the rest of the teams.
Customize your processes for each customer/division, project types, etc. in a no programming required list-based queuing and routing system.
SIMBYM has simplified process flow to accommodate all functions that you need to implement your project processes using our patent pending template-driven process.
Our solution addresses the needs of everyone in your organization at all levels of your organization to collaborate and interact to deliver results in an all-digital platform.
All modules are completely integrated, simple and seamlessly on a single platform required for an organization to operate efficiently and effectively.