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What if you can have, all your Applications to Manage
Operations & Support, on a Single Simple Platform?

SIMBYM Empowers your Business with a Simple & Integrated® Operating System,
which helps reduce Time & Cost * Enables Work Faster & Smarter * Scalable & More Securely

Any Industry Any Size
Your one stop source connect with our Holistic Work Management Platform


Work Management for all your Teams

Manage your Individuals, Teams, Divisions, Tasks & Support & Scale Global with Real-Time Analytics.


No-Coding Development Platform

SIMBYM allows Enterprises to quickly build any Business Process or App, for any Industry, of any size, Concept to use in Reduced Time to Market #HoursNotMonths.


Manage Assets & Licenses Auto Discover Assets

Discover, Categorize, Track, Allocate & Manage your Hardware, Software & miscellaneous Assets in a single place. Auto track your assets & licenses.


Manage your Knowledge Base

Identify, Analyze the available and required Knowledge, to improve Execution & Coordination across the Organization. Manage Global Vault, for Content and FAQs.

Projet 360

SIMBYM Transforms Enterprise with its Project Portfolio Management

Plan, Strategize, Execute, Manage & Deliver multiple team projects. Real-Time Predictive & Prescriptive Metrics, across depts globally, helps deliver all Projects within Time, Budget & Resources.


Configure your Real-Time Analytics Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

Custom tailor your No-Coding Reports Dashboards, Visualizations & Drill downs.

Did you Know?

  • Companies that don't track assets and asset assigments, lose expensive equipment.
  • Companies that don't keep track of software licenses incur huge fines.
  • Companies that don't have a document management system lose up to 30 minutes searching for each document. This reduces efficiency considerably.
  • Individual dashboards and metrics in real-time enables employees to keep track of how well they are performing.
  • No-Coding tools, make adding or changing processes quicker and at a lot lower cost of ownership.
  • Tools that allow you to create your custom datasets and metrics without coding give you flexibility to handle your unique business your own way.
  • Creating and managing work for all employees provides a good fact-based FTE(Full Time Equivalent) requirement and helps keep efficiency up. Resource avaliablity is more easily identified.
  • Maintaining a different tool for each process or work type, requires you to maintain the same organizational data in several system, or maintain interfaces to several systems, costing time and valuable resources.

Application development is broken, both from a process and technology point of view. New tools are needed that can accelerate development to Reduce Time to Market #HoursNotMonths. This led us to a single minded pursuit of automating development.
- Raj Rajendran
Founder & CEO

Go Digital!

Using our holistic approach to implement your operating model to deliver outcomes that increase efficiency.

SIMBYM Go Digital

Stay Integrated!

The Entire enterprise is integrated and collaboration is done on a single platform, keeping it future proof.

SIMBYM Integration

Automated Coding!

Customize your process, datasets, rules and behavior with our Automated Coding Platform.
Build Concept to Implementation in Reduced Time to Market #HoursNotMonths.

SIMBYM Integration

SIMBYM Gartner Quote

Every organization is going to need a system like SIMBYM by 2019.
There is something about you guys that gets us rooting for you. The dynamic your company brings, you are just ahead of the market. When it catches up, you really have something here.
Robert Handler
VP Distinguished Analyst


Get to a better place by going to a simple and integrated solution that provides a complete view of all activities and operations to improve the way you plan, execute, and manage all your processes. Use a metrics-driven approach which has been shown to increase efficiency by 40 - 60%. Reduce cost and improve overall satisfaction.

Run your entire operations on a single system that grows with you. You can choose to use our out-of-the-box processes or custom-design new processes at lightning speed with SIMBYM's automated coding approach.

What our partners think about SIMBYM?

Since this article, SIMBYM road map has evolved tremendously.
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