SIMBYM - Simplified Integrated Management BY Metrics

Totally Simplified & Completely Integrated

SIMBYM has disrupted the enterprise segment by empowering the entire organization with our innovative cloud-based software, which helps transform the entire operations to create value, for its time & money. We have redefined your business by “automating coding” to build & operationalize your business processes, data sets and business rules, concept to UI in #HoursNotMonths, by eliminating complexity of building your own data screens. World’s most innovative integrated platform seamlessly simplifying the planning, execution of projects, support, delivery, work and service management of your entire organization.

We at SIMBYM are focused on next-generation technology & architecture in solving our customers growing needs and problems at rapid speed & low cost. It’s what makes us ready for the road ahead and why SIMBYM is future proof. Don’t tolerate pain, complexity, don’t live the nightmare of API’s within your organization. Enjoy the Eagle's eye view for complete visibility across the enterprise. Ease of usability with our real-time metrics, in directing the enterprise to quickly achieve the set goals. Excel in your performance & profitability with SIMBYM.

Application development is broken, both from a process and technology point of view. New tools are needed that can accelerate development to #HoursNotMonths. This led us to a single minded pursuit of automating development.
- Raj Rajendran
Founder & CEO

Go Digital!

Using our holistic approach to implement your operating model to deliver outcomes that increase efficiency.


Stay Integrated!

The Entire enterprise is integrated and collaboration is done on a single platform, keeping it future proof.


Automated Coding!

Customize your process, datasets, and rules with our Automated Coding Platform. Build Concept to UI in hours not months.

Every organization is going to need a system like SIMBYM by 2019.
There is something about you guys that gets us rooting for you. The dynamic your company brings, you are just ahead of the market. When it catches up, you really have something here.
- Year 2016
Robert Handler
VP Distinguished Analyst


Your resources often have to multi-task, working on a mix of projects, trouble tickets, build processes, and operational activities. These efforts are often managed in multiple systems, from dedicated help desk tools to custom spreadsheets to e-mail interactions. This makes it challenging for managers to track, manage, and optimize their resources across all activities. Employees struggle to build their own awareness of these various processes to make sure they are communicating effectively.

Your organization experiences cost overruns, execution delays, and dissatisfaction due to the challenge of coordinating processes across all these separate approaches.

Get to a better place by going to a simple and integrated solution that provides a complete view of all activities and operations to improve the way you plan, execute, and manage all your processes. Use a metrics-driven approach which has been shown to increase efficiency by 30 - 40%. Reduce cost and improve overall satisfaction.

Run your entire operations on a single system that grows with you. You can choose to use our out-of-the-box processes or add new processes with SIMBYM’s no coding approach.

Your People


Your Process


Our Platform


Your Solution

Since this article, SIMBYM road map has evolved tremendously.
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