Helping Educational Institutions, Schools, Colleges empower Higher Education and Vocational Education with our tool to excel.

Let our technology help you eliminate the worry of your process building, so you can focus on your future innovations & goals.

  • Transform your educational institutions to the next level of digitalization. Eliminate carbon footprint completely.
  • Give your students the complete experience of what the next generation of technology can do for them today.
  • Your People, Your Process, Our Platform, Your Solution. Knowledge is power, equip yourself with the right tools to sculpt a better innovative future.
  • Execute all your operations on our integrated platform.
  • Ease of usability and connect globally.
  • Be it entire Institutional support, build your custom processes, out of the box processes, manage your projects, manage your assets, knowledge, do it all efficiently, with cost and time in mind and keep it integrated.
  • Protect data, infrastructure and utmost security
  • Put technology to work, enhance your operations, with minimum time & cost, with optimal output & profitability.
  • Help students to ease, their obligations on all forms: Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones.
  • Right innovative platform & next-generation technology can increase the value of your institution
  • Let your science, research, technology departments:
    • Amply utilize our Automated Coding to build their processes
    • Mitigate their errors with our automatic rules-engine
    • Produce cutting edge information with our customizable data sets.
  • Make life easy for your employees, your students, your teachers, your vendors, by linking any and all concerned organizations, including govt. Track, manage, maintain history, cost-effectively execute your process, secure your data, maintain software assets, hardware assets and misc. assets. Do it all with ease on our innovative integrated cloud platform.
  • Eliminate juggling of applications, work on a single integrated tool. Eliminate frustration & reach the Zen moment.
  • A Peaceful, well-balanced and calm mind can achieve wonders, work on our wonder solution.
  • What works for others, may not work for you. What works for you, may not work for others. Take our Word, Trust from the get-go, your harmony is our concern. We make it work for you, your nomenclature, your process, your people, we show you with ease how it works on our integrated configurable cloud platform.
  • We enhance visibility by providing you with automatic analytics and unique drag & drop report powered by microBI®.

Partner with SIMBYM, we share our innovative technology to help you surpass in your innovation & knowledge.