• Configure your ticket types and route them automatically to your team or resources
  • Unlimited work types can be configured for each team
  • Custom data sets can be added to each work type- NO-CODING required.
  • Add multiple documents to collaborate with the team members
  • View and update status for each work ticket
  • Advance search is available on work flow and custom designed dataset fields
  • microBI® Analytics for custom reporting & visualizations
Business Process Management

Vorque® enables the teams in an organization to track all types of work. Managers need to know the status under their purview. SIMBYM’s work management module (Vorque®) is designed to do just that. Each team can configure multiple work types with custom data sets and providing enterprise level security. Each work type can have a set of fields configured as a data set. Our No-Coding engine will automatically create metrics & visualizations, and provide collaboration tools. Any and all tickets are routed automatically. No more worries on who to send? Which department? Your ticket will arrive safely to the concerned person, concerned department in the organization Automatically! Manage & Track your work to completion.

  • We help configure multiple types of work tickets
  • Different work tickets can be routed automatically to different teams
  • We add value by saving time and money
  • Every team and any work can be raised as a ticket to manage your work, tracked & completed in a timely fashion on SIMBYM’S Vorque®!