Orquester® (Business Process Management)

  • Customizable processes
  • No-Coding Screens, Datasets and Business Rules
  • Automatically Routed
  • Customized task lists for resources
  • New processes in Reduced Time to Market #HoursNotMonths

Servizo 360(Enterprise Service Management)

  • Unlimited Configurable support types
  • microBI® Analytics
  • Automated task routing

Assetrix® (Asset Management)

  • Track software/ hardware assets, configure miscellaneous assets
  • Ensure license compliance

Vorque®(Enterprise Work Management)

  • Highly configurable and customizable to your work types
  • Empower users with intuitive interface that helps them to work with simple & integrated modules.
  • Centralized digital Vorque and automatic approval process keeps everyone in sync.
  • Data-Driven work management provide full visibility into the task or work health and improve organizational business decisions.
  • Dynamic inbuilt automatic reports share immediate work management & task data, tracking progress of work.
  • Real-Time holistic visibility helps make accurate data-based decisions and complete Enterprise work on time.

Projet 360® (Project Portfolio Management)

  • Seamless Integration of Project Execution and Support features
  • Enterprise Integrated - Divisions, Portfolios, Projects, Teams, Cost centers, Estimates can be modeled the way your organization is set up
  • Collaborate with business partners on the same platform. Business analysts, trainers, marketing analysts, UAT testers, etc. can collaborate on the same platform with technology teams
  • Customized task lists for resources
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Metrics - Real-time, automatic, weekly