In the year 2015, SIMBYM INC., a software technology company away from the buzz of Silicon Valley, based out of Los Angeles, California, was born. A young company who has given birth to a very disruptive next-generation software, SaaS Technology in the Enterprise Segment. We believed, knew what to do and how to solve an enterprise problem. Birth of SIMBYM, was a profound realization of a pain our Founder Mr.Raj Rajendran had, when he was associated as the Managing Director of technology, for one of the largest Financial Banks in the world. When managing huge teams for multi-million dollar projects, there was no one tool out there, which gave a clear picture of how to get complete visibility across the organization, to manage, estimate, execute, & deliver projects on time and within cost and no integrated metrics. He was doing all of that however without a tool, within time & within budget, remarkably successful in delivering projects. He then realized what it would mean to create a crystal ball - Predictive & Prescriptive real-time, automatic Analytics on an Integrated Digital Business Operations Platform for Enterprises. Hence SIMBYM was born, to solve just that very problem.

Your Operations Managed on our Platform

SIMBYM has a complete integrated platform with modules required to run your entire organization. Irrespective of its size or type of industry. You can manage your complete operations on our system which is available on cloud & On-Premise at low subscription cost.

Adapt to next-generation architectured technology and power your organization with dynamically brilliant digitalization. SIMBYM will help you transform

  • with ease of usability
  • complete visibility
  • eliminating complexity
  • single integrated platform
  • phenomenal analytics
  • eliminating the proliferation of tools

and we will help you focus on what you need to, your business of managing your clients and your performance to profitability.

We have a rapid development platform where you can set up in hours instead of months. We will provide an enterprise integrated solution instead of just point solutions. We would like to partner and solve your challenges in hours!

It shall be our pleasure to connect, explore & resolve.

Legacy Migration

Mainframe to next-generation software: all big organizations convert legacy applications to next-generation software

  • Done at lightning speed
  • Reduce complexity
  • Reduce cost
  • Simplify - with next-generation software
  • Increase business agility
  • Reduce TCO by over 60%

Seamlessly Integrated

  • Support all your functions with a Single Enterprise-class solution
  • Simple and Seamless integration of projects, work management, business processes on a single holistic platform.
  • Visibility across the Enterprise
  • Integrated Predictive & Prescriptive metrics
Seamlessly Integrated